Backdrops – Wooden Backdrops


Please use a filter switching between collections of handcrafted backdrops.

Each wooden backdrop is two-sided and handcrafted. The color of the reverse side you can pick from the catalog.

Each a wooden backdrop have to gap between the boards (2 or 3 mm).

Our WOODEN two-sided backdrops are produced from the pine. They have a rich wooden texture which is perfect for macro photography and flat lay. You can check and choose the front and the back sides of the photophone from the catalog published on our website.

The second type is our handcrafted CONCRETE surfaces that look massive and self-assertive from the outside. However, they weigh less than 1,5 kg. Each our concrete backdrop is two-sided. The thickness of the finished concrete and marble surfaces 5-6 mm. They are perfect for creating photos that require a vertical concrete wall on the back. Of course, these concrete surfaces, as well as the wooden ones, are ideal for a flat lay in food photography.

The third type is our handcrafted  MARBLE surfaces. This type is not vinyl, this handmade and is performed from the own-produced plaster with the inclusion of real marble crumb. Each our marble backdrop is two-sided.The thickness of the finished concrete and marble surfaces 5-6 mm.

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Soularty Team