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Before purchasing, Please see more information about our products and some details of their production, in order to avoid contentious issues after receipt of order.

All photos display sample products. Some items may be out of stock.

Products available for purchase are marked with a special sign in the description.

After receiving your payment we would HANDCRAFT a product specifically for EACH of our customers.

Final products may differ in color and texture (applies to concrete, marble, and wooden backdrops; wooden trays and photo props). Our manufacturing process guarantees individual and unique products for food photos and for applied photography.

Sample photos may have filters of VSCO and Instagram applied.

Item manufacturing takes 14-21 days after our managers will send your order within 3 days.

Production and Quality:

Each wooden backdrop is two-sided and handcrafted. The color of the reverse side you can pick from the catalog.

Each concrete and marble backdrop is one-sided and handcrafted. It's not vinyl. The thickness of the finished concrete and marble surface 4 mm. 

Each a wooden backdrop have to gap between the boards (3 or 5 -7 mm).


We wish you a joyful shopping process!


We are not responsible for any packages returned to us as refused, unclaimed, undeliverable, or because of incorrect or insufficient address. Unclaimed items returned back to the sender, and we will pay a fine of $50 in his post-office in our country. After which a Refunds and sending other backdrops will be impossible. Please keep this in mind.

That is why please 1) You have to pick up your package with backdrops for 30 days or 20 days (since criteria are different in different countries). 
2) You must correctly write your shipping address before ordering.

Have a nice shopping!

Please contact us if you don't find what you are looking for!  Feel free to drop us an email anytime at :)

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